(“Desha Bhakta Bhavan")

NLI Guntur is the First Training Centre started by NVS. It was a donation to our NVS given by Smt.Konda Parvathi Devi daughter of freedom fighter “Desha Bhakta” Konda Venkatappaiah Pantulu. Mahatma Gandhi, Annebesant, Vallabhai Patel, Nehru, Durga Bhai Deshmukh and many other legendaries stayed in this building and prepared salt on this campus during Salt Satyagraha movement. Many conferences, seminars and meetings were organized in this historical building during the freedom movement.

 DESHA BHAKTA     .Konda Parvathi

Sh Konda Venkatappaiah Pantulu “DESHA BHAKTA" Smt.Konda Parvathi Devi with former PM Smt Indira Gandhi

This building is popularly known as “DESHA BHAKTA BHAVAN”. During National Festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day the students of different schools and colleges visit this building and offer their tributes to freedom fighters. It is located in the heart of Guntur City a capital of the NAVYA ANDHRA PRADESH STATE. More than 170 training courses were conducted in this NLI for our staff. 

There is an immense need to protect this historical monument, the “Desha Bhakta Bhavan” which is having 100 years of history and located in the Heart of Guntur City providing a walking distance for any need of the trainees who stay here and having good connectivity to bus/train/flight. The present market value of the building is more than Rs.10 crores. It can be developed to meet all the present day requirements of the 21st century e-classroom as it has enough space for the construction of a multi – storied building. It serves as a great gesture of combining the tradition with modernity.